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 A review of a scythe of fire :

     The recently released book A Scythe of Fire is already being billed as one of the best regimental histories ever penned.  It doesn't take even the most avid Civil War enthusiast  long to arrive at similar conclusions.  From the outset of the first chapter, the reader is thrown immediately into a battle that truly sets the tone for the gripping reality of marching into battle with the Eighth Georgia.  Renowned historian and Civil War author Steven E. Woodworth combined efforts with the late Warren Wilkinson (author of Mother May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen) to produce one of the most realistic regimental narratives available.  From the early days of the regiment's formation, we learn what it was like to live in the antebellum South and why these men from various counties in Georgia marched so eagerly and so far across the continent to battle for a cause that few of them understood beyond the simple defense of their homes.  
       Woodworth and Wilkinson bring the reality of war from the soldier's perspective to your doorstep so clearly the reader gets a clearer sense (if possible) of an infantryman's total war experience.